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As a seasoned business owner, you understand the importance of timing and expertise when it comes to selling your enterprise. With over 30 years of specialized experience, and over $2 Billion in transactions our bespoke valuation service equips you with the knowledge and strategy needed to navigate the sale of your business effectively. Don’t just sell—sell for the value you’ve built.

Earned Approach

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Case Studies

Transforming Business Dreams into Reality: How We Helped Companies with $1M-$40M Revenue Successfully Change Hands

Over 185 interested Buyers, sold in less than 6 months for over the asking price

The company provided state-licensed potable water to residential and commercial customers throughout West Texas for 25+ years, building a reputation as a reliable source of high-quality drinking water. Over 175 buyers actively participated in the sales process, indicating a significant level of interest in the company and validation of our marketing plan for this client. Impressively, seven initial qualified offers were received, all of which were within 89% of the asking price. Our team was able to create deal tension by obtaining 3 final over-asking price offers, resulting in significant cash at closing ($10+ million)and a seller note with an attractive 9% interest rate.

- WaterHauler

Two Dairy Queen franchises sold for over asking to a great fit buyer

With over 6,800 restaurants worldwide, Dairy Queen is one of the top franchises in the world and has 95% consumer brand recognition. After running two DQ franchises in Kansas for 17 years, the owners were ready for their next stage of life. Our team worked with 95 buyers interested in purchasing the two franchises, allowing the new owner to be semi-absentee given the tenure and experience of current management in place at both stores. Our team oversaw multiple offers, resulting in a sale value over the asking price. With attention to detail in working with the Dairy Queen Corporate Franchise Transition group, we exceeded our expectations by finding the right buyer at the right time.

- Dairy Queen

Legal Process Server – Sale price of 60% over market

This legal process server delivers legal documents to parties in a lawsuit. The business was built on efficiency and professionalism for its clients, which has created several repeat clients. The company developed solid cash flow but has a customer concentration of over 40% with one client. Our team generated over 50 buyers with most offers at a 2.5x adjusted EBITDA offer price. Even though the market was at 2.5x, our team found an industry strategic buyer who was ready to improve the business through technology. The final offer was 4.0x adjusted EBITDA; 60% over market.

- Legal Process Server

Held out for full price and cash at closing

Niche manufacturer of safety barriers for a broad range of industries such as aerospace, manufacturingand oil andgas that dominates with a technological advantage from a long history of testing data. Ourteam cultivated125buyers andmultiple offers. Our team exceeded client expectations with a final saleprice that far exceeded other brokers’estimates and with amajority cash at closing. The transaction hadunique tax advantages and our team sourced the right tax experts to solve it. The clients retired in CostaRica.

- Manufacturer of Safety Barriers

Above market offer from an international strategic buyer

Luxury optical retailer with two stores dominant in one metro area. The business is profitable; has a loyal, repeat customer base; and has a unique brand and sales process. Exit challenges were: a) the financials were not“buyer ready” and b) most buyers were local and did not have a bigger vision and price in mind. Our team directed strategic advice to the accounting firm and owner to overhaul the accounting, which resulted in buyer-ready financials. Our team attracted an international strategic buyer that paid an amount that was much higher than local buyers and met client expectations.

- Luxury Optical Retailer

Found the right buyer to ensure a smooth transition of the seller’s legacy

The owners of this innovative flat roofing company in Southern California had recently relocated to Florida to be closer to family. Our team generated 106 interested buyers.At the outset, they had desired a full sale of the business, but after our team found a buyer looking for a partnership, we collectively shifted gears to find the right solution for all parties. Navigating licensing hurdles and location issues, our team assisted the owners with deal creativity: sell 50% of the business to the new owner and slowly phase out of the business. This allowed the new partner time to obtain proper licensure and preserved significant cash flow for the owners while they oversaw a slow transition over several years. All sales look different, and the deal innovation for this company ensured a positive outcome for all.

- Commercial Roofing Contractor

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The 10-Step Selling Process

Within 12 hours, a Partner in our firm will get back to you, ask you a few follow-up questions, and give you an initial valuation range as a guide. Then, we, the Earned Exits team, will request the financial statements needed to complete a more comprehensive valuation. We will send you an easy electronic MNDA first to ensure your confidentiality.

We’ve developed a tailored 10-step selling process that is designed to optimize the value of your business and ensure a smooth transition to the new owner.

Step 1


Given our thousands of interactions with buyers (everyone from individuals to Family Offices to Banks), we know that they will request come core information (if available): last three years of tax returns, last three years (and last twelve months by month) of Profit & Loss/Income Statements and an up-to-date Balance Sheet (as current as you’ve got it). If your financials need some time to catch up, our CFO-level team members dedicated to you are helpful guides. A valuation goes well beyond the financials and Earned Exits knows how to approach the market to achieve a higher valuation.

Step 2

Agency Agreement

During the initial strategy session, we will discuss the Valuation and our recommended approach to the market to sell your business. If you believe we have earned your business and we all agree to move forward together, we will send you the Agency Agreement for review. The Agency Agreement covers our responsibilities acting solely on your behalf (your Agent) and a target selling price. Upon a successful sale of your business, we will be paid a percent commission of the sales price, which ensures we are aligned from the start. You earned it to this point and now we earn it together.

Step 3

Kick-Off Call and Buyer
Ready Financials

  1. Once the Agency Agreement is signed, we launch the 1-2-hour Kick-Off Call. A unique approach we have learned at Earned Exits is to dedicate a three person “Trifecta Team” to each client and support that team with over 25 global professionals in marketing and finance. Your Trifecta Team will have experience in your industry and consist of one executive-level Partner, one CFO and one Senior Marketing Director. On the Kickoff call, your dedicated team will use our “Buyer Lens” and ask questions to find the selling highlights and the deal points of risk to mitigate that satisfy Buyers. the results are a higher probability to close, faster sales process, more buyers, and a higher sales price. This kick-off call allows us to get the whole story of the business in your words (which is really important when we’re talking to Buyers)
  2. On the Kick-off Call, your Trifecta Team CFO will coordinate with you and your accounting resource to gather your financials to get them Buyer Ready. Then, the CFO will lay out the financials exactly how Buyers and Banks want to see them. Also, the Earned Exits CFO dedicated to you will do the Midas Touch process of Add-Backs to increase your adjusted net profit (Sellers Discretionary Earnings). That process typically adds hundreds of thousands, if not several million, to the sales price. After $2 billion in transactions over 30+ years, we know exactly how Buyers think. We’ve been private equity buyers ourselves.

Step 4

Marketing Materials and Pricing

Your dedicated Earned Exits Trifecta Team Marketing Director will use our collective experience and advanced technology to prepare a state-of-the-art, compelling one-page teaser and a comprehensive prospectus that we will use to market the company. The prospectus and other company information is stored in a secured access online data vault accessed only with a non-disclosure agreement that tracks every interaction with interested buyers. The final marketing step is to set the go-to-market pricing of the business and gear up!

117 Days to Find the Most Meaningful Buyer

Step 5

In the Market for Sale

Target Buyers: There are different buyer types ranging from strategic buyers, private equity funds, independent sponsors, search funds, and individuals of varying backgrounds. Depending on the right target buyer, our different marketing approaches are:

  1. Our VIB (Very Important Buyer) database. Many of our deals are sold from our existing database of buyers built over 30 years. Powerful stuff.
  2. We have several marketing channels we access with the most sophisticated technology in the business brokerage industry. There are 20,000+ qualified buyers and we can easily access over 500,000+ buyers looking to acquire businesses like yours.
  3. Strategic buyers. If the right target buyer may be in the industry, which can be a direct competitor, a company that could expand to your product/service line, a vendor or even a customer. This approach is different from other approaches and will be outbound calls to talk to them directly.

Step 6

Accept the Offer that is Most Meaningful to You

All interested buyers submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to purchase the business. The Earned Exits team will create a process and “deal tension” to coordinate the offers to be submitted in a similar timeframe and parameters. The highly unique Earned Exits approach is to work with you on what is most meaningful, not just “maximum value.” We look at important factors in addition to the sales price, such as the buyer fit with you and the company culture, your reputation and legacy, how they will lead and take care of your loyal employees, and deal points (such as cash at closing, timeline to close, and probability to close).

Step 7

Due Diligence and Financing

The buyer LOI you select will be given an exclusive period to review the details of the business. Due diligence can feel invasive, but that is not the purpose. The simple purpose is to verify that the business is as claimed. The constructive purpose is that the buyer builds a business plan to grow the company immediately upon deal closing. Remember the constructive purpose when classic “deal fatigue” settles in during due diligence.

Financing during the due diligence process is the parallel due diligence that the buyer’s source of capital may need to do. For example, if a buyer has bank financing through a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, the bank lender will need to see the same due diligence information that the Buyer will. The Earned Exits team is skilled at assisting Lenders for the Buyer to get the information they need in a format they want. This streamlines the whole process and increases the probability of closing.

Step 8


Time for the lawyers to do their thing and we strongly suggest attorneys with a “deal-maker” mindset. The Buyer is responsible for providing the contract(s) to complete the sale. The main document is a “purchase agreement”. You and your attorney will review the draft. Earned Exits can refer you to great value transaction specialist attorneys.

Step 9


The closing is coordinated among the Earned Exits team, Buyer, you, and the attorneys. The attorneys typically have every “t” crossed and “i” dotted and say “Go” on funds to be transferred. An escrow account may be used to hold funds until all conditions are met, as well. The other component of closing is the transfer of ownership with the underlying assets, contracts, leases, etc. to the Buyer.

Step 10

Training, Transition, and What’s Next

First, we hope you have celebrated the closing. We can always help you celebrate! After the closing, there is a transition period when you may help the new buyer take over the business operations, meet employees, and communicate to key stakeholders like vendors and customers. The terms of this transition are negotiated at the LOI stage, so you will already know your role, compensation, and any time commitments for the transition.


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Case Studies

Transforming Business Dreams into Reality: How We Helped a Company with $1M-$40M Revenue Successfully Change Hands

- WaterHauler

- Dairy Queen

- Legal Process Server

- Manufacturer of Safety Barriers

- Luxury Optical Retailer

- Commercial Roofing Contractor

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