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Refer a Business for 10%

Do you have friends, clients, customers, family, neighbors or associates who are business owners or entrepreneurs?

If you do, we invite you to turn your valuable network into a source of significant income through our 10% Referral Program at Earned Exits.

We understand the power of personal and professional relationships, and we believe in rewarding those who help us connect with potential clients looking to sell businesses. It’s a win-win opportunity that allows you to harness your network while reaping the rewards of an industry-leading referral program.

This could be the easiest $100,000 you can make. Here is an example. A company that sells for $7-$12 million is a typical size of business Earned Exits works with.

The Earned Exits commission on that sale is around $1,000,000. If you simply introduced us to the client and sign our Referral Agreement, then Earned Exits does the rest. After Earned Exits sells the client’s business, then after funds clear at the deal closing, we wire you $100,000. Seriously, it is that easy.

You can find companies to refer in many ways, such as messaging your network of friends and business associates on social media or email; placing Earned Exits on high traffic web pages of yours, discussing us on podcasts, videos or other media. Talk about a good use of a “Business Influencer.”

Ready for a 10% Referral Fee for Sending a Business Owner Who May Consider Selling Their Business?

Please Fill out the Form Below and let’s get started! If you are an Influencer and do not have a specific business to refer right now, please fill out the form and we will discuss how to maximize your referrals and then send you an affiliate link to use.

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